Wood-Mizer expands range of machines, tools

Wood-Mizer’s woodworking machinery manufacturing floor in Poland.

Wood is a word that throws up many ideas and millions of people in the world can live better, thanks to this friendly and sustainable material. However, it takes a whole lot of passion, hard work, and a dream to craft all those beautiful wood products.

And let us not forget about proper tools to finish the work. It’s been over 30 years since Wood-Mizer started its European operations in Poland, offering to the wood processing industry a wide range of premium-quality machinery.

Wood-Mizer now sells sawmills and woodworking equipment in more than 100 countries, offering equipment from portable to stationary sawmills, horizontal and vertical band sawmills, log processing lines, edgers and multi rip saws, resaws, blades and sharpeners.

Recently, Wood-Mizer has expanded its offering by adding moulders and planers, or simply Woodworking Products. The new woodworking machines include models MP160, MP180, MP200, MP220, MP260, MP360 and MP365.

With these compact and versatile machines, the slogan ‘From Forest to Final Form’ is taking on a new meaning, allowing customers to make their final wood products in an easy and profitable way.

Products may range from boards, floors, windows, stairs, banisters, steps, doorframes, doorsteps, picture frames, to other decorative elements.

Wood-Mizer woodworking products have been manufactured in the Polish factory in Koło, since early 2020. The production site has a global reputation for making top-quality sawmills and wood-processing machines.

The basic engineering design is to create a very functional product in a compact size, using the best quality materials possible. Wood-Mizer moulders and planers share these characteristics:

•        A multi-cutterhead allows getting a desired shape of the board after only one pass through the machine.

•        Individually engaged electrical motors for each cutterhead, helping to decrease power consumption and reduce noise.

•        Each cutterhead has easily replaceable knives.

•        Solid feed table made of stainless steel, ensuring the precision of processing and comfort of work. 

•        Cast iron planing table is highly durable and resistant to deformation, abrasion and tension. 

•        For thickness, the adjustment is made by a quick-access hand crank.

•        All control functions are accessible from a convenient operator unit.

•        Sawdust and woodchips generated during the cutting process are directed to the exhaust ports, so the workshop areas remain clean.

• The steel body of the machine protects inside electrical motors (separate for each cutterhead), feed rollers, and the adjustment mechanism.

• The machine is lightweight and compact and can be moved around without much effort.

All woodworking products come with a wide variety of cutting accessories and tools, made from top-quality European steel and carbide.

Among them, are HSS cutting knives, carbide-tipped HM cutting knives, double-sided HSS cutting knives, profile HSS knives, dedicated cutterheads with replaceable HM profile knives, kits of HM brazed cutters with carbide tips, and for special orders, customised profile knives or side cutterheads.



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