FlexiCut abrasives for fine finishes

Flexible Abrasives is an Aurangabad-based (Maharashtra) manufacturer of high-tech coated abrasives in India. It manufactures a wide range of products for applications from hand sanding to heavy stock removal.

Its abrasive products are available in the forms of rolls, belts, sheets, discs, Velcro, fibre and flap discs, suitable for metal grinding, leather industry, glass grinding, automobile industry and many other manufacturing industries.

Its FlexiCut range of premium abrasive products is employed for grinding and polishing for super-fine finishes and long life. These abrasives are suitable for sanding metals, non-ferrous metals, wood and glass.


Alcoflex Premier 419RS 

This is a speciality product for heavy-duty machine sanding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, metal and non-metal alloys. It is a durable product with very high metal removal rate and fine finish. It is suitable for hand tools, automobile, die casting and general engineering industries.


Alcoflex 419RS Premier Plus

This is a precision-designed product to give aggressive cutting with enhanced life to keep the grinding cost low. It is best suited for hand tool industry and similar applications.



Wide belts

Wide belts are specially designed for drum sanding operations for plywood, particle boards and hardwood for furniture where the products come in Silicon Carbide (519R) as well as Aluminium Oxide (419R & 429R) options.

For the laminate industry, Flexible Abrasives has its Silicon Carbide (519RS) quality. These are available up to 1350 mm (width) and are suitable for medium to high pressure working.


Alcoflex 428M / 438M  

This is a specially designed product for light to medium duty machine sanding and for hand sanding of wood and metals.



Alcoflex 419R (SF)

This product is made for sanitary fittings, especially soft brass items. The product’s speciality is contour grinding with excellent metal removal rate.



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