SCM’s Stefani has 70 years of technology

Thanks to Stefani technologies, SCM has been an authentic edge banding specialist for 70 years, a historical partner to innovative companies that keep a close eye on the latest furniture and design trends.

SCM’s range of Stefani and Olimpic edge banding and squaring edge banding machines is wide and capable of meeting any production demand: from the craftsmen and artisan companies, keen to ensure a quality machining, to industries.

The SCM edge banders are automatic, productive, versatile and ideal for working on different kinds of panels with different dimensions, edges and glues.

The new ‘Round 2 Servo’ rounding unit, introduced for Stefani XD, ensures a unique machining accuracy and quality on any kind of panel, even the most delicate ones and with more complex materials. This addition makes this edge bander an even greater performer.

Many latest optimised devices of all Stefani and Olimpic range allow a perfect glue line, such as the ‘SGP’ for the use of different types of EVA and PU glues, and the new and AirFusion+ technology for an invisible joint between the edge and the panel without glue.

The range can also have “fast-back” panel return devices that allow maximum productivity and machining speed up to 25 metres per minute, with just one operator.

Important news entries also for the Olimpic range, such as the RC-N glue scraper for working on panels coming from the nesting cycle, and the new SGP-E glue pot, complete with pre-melting device, which allows to process panels with two different glues (EVA and PU) with an always optimal joint line and a quick glue change.

SCM edge banders and sizing edge banders can also be integrated with its Maestro Connect IoT platform, the data collection and analysis system for data coming from SCM technologies that gives full control of production flow and implementation of intelligent, predictive maintenance models.



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