Blum’s pull-out Shelf Lock creates space

Sometimes all we need is a little ‘space’ – to pause, unload and re-organise. Häfele, in association with Blum, has introduced the new pull-out Shelf Lock that helps conjure up that extra worktop space.

A pull-out shelf exactly when and where you need it – and then lets it magically disappear into the furniture after work is done!

The Blum pull-out Shelf Lock can be installed with full extension Blum Movento and Tandem runners to attain flexible worktops in different areas of the home, be it the kitchen, bathroom, living room or utility room.

It is a discreet, space-saving two-sided locking mechanism that securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place so you can complete your tasks comfortably.

You can combine the mechanism with any of the three technologies – Blumotion, Tip-On or Tip-On Blumotion – to achieve soft and silent closing, effortless opening or both.

The pull-out Shelf Lock comes with a synchronisation shaft which connects both the sides of the locking mechanism and helps you in releasing the shelf with only one hand.

With Blum’s pull-out Shelf Lock, you can obtain extractable worktop and planes throughout your home – next to your washing machine to place your laundry basket, below a wall shelf/cabinet to stack books or items while you sort through them, or beside the kitchen countertop to place your countertop appliances while operating them.



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