Carpenter’s glues from Jowat

Jowat SE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial adhesives used mainly in woodworking and furniture manufacture, has recently expanded its portfolio to add a selection of tried and tested carpenter’s glues for industry and trade.

Supplied in a handy bottle and with an extra-long durability, Jowacoll PVAC dispersion adhesives have been successfully used in industrial applications for decades. A special selection of those established industrial adhesives supplied by the company now also provides professional solutions for manual adhesive applications.

The comprehensive package of four Jowacoll dispersion adhesives covers a wide range of applications in the furniture industry and interior finishing. The carpenter’s glues are supplied in handy 0.5 kg bottles with a re-closable screw cap and have a minimum durability of 24 months.

The selection is comprised of the following glues: Jowacoll 103.30 (D3 glue for superior requirements), Jowacoll 103.70 (pH-neutral D3 glue), Jowacoll 104.20 (general-purpose glue in D2 quality) and Jowacoll 119.60 (lacquer glue for bonding difficult surfaces).



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