Teijin addresses ‘burning’ issues

A series of high-profile fires over the last year, which included the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, has brought the focus back on the issue of greater safety for people evacuating burning buildings, and for the use of more flame-retardant wood materials in building interiors.

Teijin, a technology-driven global group, has responded by developing several breakthrough solutions, including Landex Coat Flame Retardant Clear, an aqueous, transparent, acrylic flame-retardant coating, in cooperation with Dainichi Giken Kogyo Co., a Japanese pioneer of aqueous inorganic polymers, and Daimaru Kogyo Ltd., a leading Japanese chemical trading company.

As the world’s first halogen-free coating of its kind, Landex coat flame retardant improves the flame retardancy of a diverse range of combustible materials, including timber, paper, fibre, rubber and plastic.

The coating is simply applied to surfaces and its protective transparent finish maintains the material’s original colour and texture. The flame retardant, in addition to indoor applications, can be used outdoors to strengthen resistance to weather and mould.

It is also useable on a wider range of materials than is possible with conventional flame retardants.

Teijin has also developed high-performance materials which, it says, have the potential to dramatically alter the construction industry. These include architectural wood products that offer excellent rigidity for the creation of wide interior spaces without pillars.

Reinforced wood

Advanced fibre-reinforced wood (AFRW) is a structural timber product comprising several layers of dimensional (pre-cut) timber and high-performance fibres bonded together with structural adhesives. Applications include medium and low-rise wooden buildings.

Carbon-fibre-reinforced wood (CFRW), a version of AFRW produced by laminating timber with layers of strong, thin-walled carbon fibre, achieves twice the flexural stiffness of laminated timber, for structural beams that offer enhanced durability and diverse design applications.

From high-performance wood to a vast range of other advanced materials, Teijin is helping to make society more sustainable with safety, security and disaster mitigation solutions that protect lives and livelihoods from various risks such as disasters and accidents.

It aims to be an enterprise that supports the society of the future by utilising its technologies to enhance people’s quality of life. (www.teijin.com).



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