Performance doors, by Sauerland Spanplatte

Sauerland Spanplatte offers a diverse choice of door infill materials, which it exports to more than 90 countries.

The last 6 months of mandatory work from home has highlighted the poor performances from a majority of doors, with heavy distractions noticed by each and every one, causing low concentration levels and inefficiencies.

The day-to-day household noises from TV sets, music systems, pressure cookers, mixers, blenders, children playing at home, etc. cause noise pollution can be heard on official video conferences, even if one closes the door to keep such noises out.

Doors installed as a panel to close a hole in the wall showcase poor performance with terms of reducing sound transmission.

Indians have accepted defects observed in a door such as swelling, warping, bending, high sound transfer as natural characteristics of doors, similar to how potholes have been accepted to be integral part of our roads!

Sauerland Spanplatte from Germany, the world’s largest door component supplier, has brought to India global performance driven solutions for doors. It believes that true privacy function of a door is fulfilled only when the door provides privacy of sight and sound. Apart from performance it helps design aesthetically superior doors for their Indian partners.

Its modern doors worldwide offer some basic performance characteristics:

•         Impact resistance of 20 kg/square cm

•         Low burning rate of 20 minutes

•         Thickness precision of +/-0.1 mm.

•         No bending or warping

•         Acoustic performance 27 dB and above

•         Screw holding of 50 kg per threaded screw

•         Environment friendly, low formaldehyde emission

Sauerland Spanplatte exports to more than 90 countries, with more than 1,00,000 doors produced daily using the Sauerland technology. To know more about high performance doors, contact Sleek Boards Marketing Services LLP (




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