Jyoti has thin-kerf saws for finished cuts

Jyoti Industries’ AutoCut450 (L) is an advanced, innovative circular saw. It can even detect crayon marks (R) and cut defects out.

Jyoti Industries’ JHR28 is a machine designed to efficiently re-saw cants and boards, to recover valuable lumbers from slabs. Using thin kerfs (1.5 mm) the band saw blade helps accurate and highly finished cuts on the re-saw.

The machine comes with pneumatic pressure roller for accurate sawing each time; a digital thickness display meter for easy size set-up; and has hydraulic blade tension in-built, for constant tension all through its operation.

Jyoti Industries’ AutoCut450 is the most advanced and innovative circular saw available in the Indian market. It has various modes for your every cutting need.

It can be used for fixed or variable sizes of cutting work pieces; and has data logging capability to generate various reports. The machine can be tailor-made as per your cutting requirements.

All Jyoti woodworking machines – sawing technologies, cross-cutting and optimising saws– are studied, designed and manufactured for operator safety and facilitation of production.

Ahmedabad-based Jyoti Industries is known for its robust sawmill machinery since 1981. With the emerging demand of more safe and productive environment for timber and furniture industries, the company has decided to develop advanced sawing technologies with three goals: to provide a safe environment, to optimise material, and to be more productive.



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