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The Optimus range of solid wood machinery has high-end features that are specially developed for units engaged in solid wood-craft business.

OptiRout 6.9V     

The OptiRout 6.9V is a Nesting CNC Router suitable for efficient cutting, routing and boring in one operation with panel optimization.

Salient Features

•         Nesting technology with heavy-duty gantry structure ensures efficient cutting, routing, grooving & routing in one operation with panel optimization.

•         High-performance machine with high-feeding speed gives more production.

•         Heavy-duty two separate air-cooled 6 kw spindle & precision 9 spindle vertical(9V) boring head.

•         Equipped with high quality and accurate Weihong control system with servo motor & Shimpo reducer.

•         Double-layer Nesting table for an efficient and secure hold of work piece.     

•         Stronger and large helical rack/pinion and high-precision linear rails for high-cutting speed & accuracy.

•         Save tooling and labour cost as customer requires manpower & tools only for one machine.


OptiCut 2.8 (auto)  

OptiCut 2.8 (auto) is a powerful, precise & efficient high-speed beam saw.

Salient Features

•         Robust, balanced structure ensuring maximum stability. Specially designed technologies to guarantee precision & rigidity.

•         Constant high performance for continuous ndustrial production.

•         High-performance machine with high-feeding speed that gives more production.

•         Easy and accessible, user-friendly Smart Touch HD screen with cutting optimized software programed that is simple to use & gives precision operation with maximum productivity & reduce wastage of material.

•         Steel ball air floating table, which avoids scratches on board and assures smooth board movement.

•         Side aligner, integrated with the saw carriage, that can perfectly align given thin or flexible panel, reducing cycle cutting time.

•         Saw carriage speed can be adjusted from 0-100 m/min Maximum    cutting thickness up to 100 mm.


OptiBore 6.12         

OptiBore 6.12 is a six-side CNC boring & routing machine for multi-sided boring, routing & grooving with high-efficiency CNC processing.

Salient Features

•         Completes six-side boring and top/bottom routing or grooving operation in one-time full automatically.

•         Sturdy heavy-duty machine for precise boring and routing application built to suit Indian working conditions.

•         High-performance machine with high-feeding speed that results in more production.

•         Equipped with Syntec Control System with Barcode Reader and integrated CAM software that can edit image of the work piece and generate NC program directly for processing.

•         Equipped with auto clamping & feeding device. Auto side aligner positions the board from the side to ensure precise gripping.     

•         Air floating table to avoid scratches on board and assuring smooth board movement, suitable for heavy and big panels.




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