Freud’s Black ICE is a cool cutter

Freud, a manufacturer and marketer of superior carbide cutting tools for the woodworking industry and the only manufacturer of woodworking tools that produces its own micro-grain Carbide with Titanium, continues to revolutionise the cutting tool industry with the introduction of the first functional coated solid carbide router bits.

The Black ICE (industrial cooling element) bits deliver double the cutting life, flawless finishes and increased productivity, providing ultimate value without sacrificing production efficiency.

Combined with Freud’s exclusive TiCo (Titanium Cobalt) hi-density carbide and Black ICE coating, these radical new bits offer a sharper edge with precise cuts for less wear, resulting in twice the increased life and performance compared to standard uncoated router bits.

Optimised for fast feed rates and high heat applications, the revolutionary coating shields the solid carbide cutting edge by creating a slick, lubricant like action for friction, heat and pitch build-up.

The multi-axis grind reduces burning and provides two times the finish quality with an advanced open flute geometry that increases the overall working life by allowing two-times more re-sharpening.

Freud spent years testing and developing the premier solution in solid carbide router bits and protective coatings. The slick-as-ice design extends cutting life and quality while keeping the tool cooler.

Freud’s Black ICE solid Carbide router bits are designed for CNC machines utilizing nested base manufacturing or pod-and-rail for high-speed applications in materials such as high-pressure laminates, melamine and other abrasive materials laminated on wood composites, MDF, particleboard, hardwood, softwood and plywood.

The combination of up-and-down shear flutes further eliminates chipping on both sides of double-sided veneers or laminated materials, resulting in a flawless finish. (



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