Turning ‘dust’ into safe income

The ‘Transflow Duct’ system also results in huge saving in electricity bills by consuming power based on machine utilisation.

CK Airtech has collaborated with various technology partners to bring in state-of-the-art technology to offer cost-effective and energy-efficient system to the Indian woodworking industry.

Its ducting system, called ‘Transflow Duct’, offers higher flexibility in connecting machines with inter-changeability. This technology also results in huge saving in electricity bills by consuming power based on machine utilisation.

The biggest challenge the industry faces is the disposal of saw dust. CK Airtech offers solution to this with a value addition to the dust. The dust can be conveyed pneumatically to a storage silo with a holding capacity, as desired, for weeks.

Simultaneously this dust from the silo can be fed directly to the briquetting machine by a screw feeder to get briquettes. Briquettes fetch Rs.7 per kg, whereas saw dust is sold at Rs.2 per kg only.

For an average size factory producing 3 tonnes of saw dust per day, the return on investment works out to be less than a year; and yielding significant income thereafter.

Dust extraction systems have become mainstream equipment in the woodworking industry for simple reasons:

•         better health, hygiene and safety of operators, managers and other staff;

•         working environment that results in high productivity and quality;

•         extending life of high-precision machinery and tools.

A centralised dust extraction system comes with a significant capital cost; but it is optimised to cater to a continuously running plant, machine utilisation/diversity, plant layout, and includes features for future expansions.

CK Airtech India Pvt. Ltd. is in the field of dust extraction system across various industrial applications for more than two decades. It has pioneered solutions to handle saw dust generated during wood processing with its expertise and a wide range of products.



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