Teijin develops advanced fibre-reinforced wood

A growing demand for safer architectural construction is sharpening the focus on lightweight, highly earthquake-proof wooden structures. Wood is valued as a structural material offering a warm texture and design flexibility.

It also helps achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) by absorbing CO2 and thereby contributing to the mitigation of global warming.

Teijin, a technology-driven global group offering advanced solutions in the areas of sustainable transportation, information and electronics, safety and protection, environment, energy and health care, has developed technology for advanced fibre-reinforced wood (AFRW).

This is a structural timber product comprising a number of layers of dimensioned timber and high-performance fibres bonded together with structural adhesives for use in medium- and low-rise wooden buildings.

AFRW building

Teijin is currently constructing the world’s first building made of AFRW at Teijin’s Tokyo Research Centre in Hino City. Construction of the building is being carried out with technical support provided by construction firm Maeda Corporation and the Structural Engineering Laboratory of Kochi University.

On completion, Teijin and Maeda will monitor adhesive stability and the vibration durability of AFRW for the next 7 years.

Teijin also aims to realise an open and comfortable space by avoiding the use of columns to maximise the inflow of natural light and expects the new AFRW technology and materials to be deployed in general construction by the year 2020.

Carbon fibre reinforced wood (CFRW) – a laminated timber that includes layers of highly stiff, thin-walled carbon fibre – achieves twice the flexural stiffness of conventional laminated timber. CFRW offers enhanced durability and design qualities for use as structural beams.

The targeted development of AFRW, a more advanced material, is expected to extend applications to medium-rise buildings.

Composite materials

High-performance composite materials that offer new value are one of the strategic product fields in Teijin’s transformation and growth strategies medium-term business plan that the company announced recently.

Development of AFRW as an innovative, high-performance material with potential for manufacture in emerging markets is recognized as an official project under the Next Generation Material Cluster in Shikoku Region, an initiative of the Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade & Industry.

Going forward, Teijin aims to contribute to the realisation of safer and more comfortable wooden buildings as well as the development of sustainable architecture using timber as sustainable resources that absorb carbon dioxide. The initiatives form part of Teijin’s long-term vision to be an enterprise that supports the society of the future.



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