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The simplicity of wood mouldings effortlessly pulls together the feel and structure of a room, enhancing the beauty and splendour of a habitat.

Civilisations throughout history have used wood to create useful and beautiful items. In Malaysia, wood has been used extensively for centuries. Ever since Malaysian carpenters and builders began to shape and use wood, the mouldings and builders’ joinery and carpentry (BJC) industries have grown by leaps and bounds.

Today, a wide range of quality mouldings and BJC products – such as wooden cornices, wainscoting, dado rails, doors and frames, windows and frames, flooring, decking, picture frames and laminated beams – are produced in Malaysia and exported worldwide.

Malaysian mouldings and BJC wood products are able to meet the increasing demand of buyers for use in building and construction projects. These include hotels, resorts, theme parks, temples, houses and office buildings, and for the production of furniture, doors and windows – as well as for outdoor and marine applications in ships and boats.

Malaysian timber manufacturers and exporters are also innovative in satisfying the requirements of foreign importers, including customising products to customers’ needs and being flexible in meeting service and shipment requirements.

Diverse species

A diverse range of timber species are available from the forests and plantations of Malaysia for the production of mouldings and BJC products. The popular species used in moulding and BJC production include Meranti, Gerutu, Kempas, Balau, Merbau, Bintangor, Merpauh and rubberwood.

Buyers can be assured that the mouldings and BJC products they import from Malaysia are backed by years of R&D, strict regulations and strong support from established government institutions like the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Forestry Department, Malaysian Timber Industry Board and Malaysian Timber Council.

Quality timber mouldings add a perfect finishing to any interior, lending warmth that only a material as natural as wood could. For centuries, mouldings have graced some of the finest offices and homes around the world. Wooden cornices, wainscoting and dado rails give an understated but elegant finish to any interior.

Malaysian timber mouldings have gained acclaim around the world, especially in Japan, Australia, USA and Europe. Various items are made according to buyers’ specifications and produced from timber species such as Bintangor, Jelutong, Keruing, Meranti, Sepetir, Merbau, Nyatoh and Rubberwood.

Decorative mouldings such as architraves, cornices, base boards, aprons, dowels, jambs, louvers, wall claddings and skirtings are the premier choices of architects, interior designers and discerning artisans who appreciate uncompromising beauty and quality.

Some Malaysian manufacturers provide additional services such as veneer-wrapping and lamination, while others have experienced craftsmen and qualified designers to help create customised designs.

Timber Doors

Malaysian timber doors are available in a variety of species, designs, sizes and specifications to suit the tastes and needs of discerning customers. They are exported globally and are highly sought-after for their quality, design and durability.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Malaysian manufacturers are well placed to serve customers globally, whether for small orders of custom-made doors or large orders of standard products.

Malaysia-made timber doors are available in designs ranging from traditional solid timber doors, with or without glazing, to engineered doors. The doors are available in local timbers such as dark red Meranti, Nyatoh, KembangSemangkok, Balau, Merpauh and Merbau.

Some doors are overlaid with popular foreign species such as Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Makore, as well as reconstituted veneer.

Hardwood doesn’t just make for elegant flooring it’s a tough and long-lasting performer whose beauty is timeless. Malaysian hardwood flooring is easy to install and maintain. Its excellent thermal insulating property makes it an ideal material for flooring.

A wide range of Malaysian hardwood flooring is available for use in homes, offices, showrooms, indoor sports arenas and restaurants, with a choice of colours and designs to suit individual specifications.

Species such as Kempas, Merbau, Rubberwood, Kekatong and Keranji are popular choices. Malaysia’s well-established timber-based industry, coupled with excellent technology and quality assurance, guarantee buyers superior quality flooring.

Malaysian hardwood flooring is exported to highly discerning markets such as the EU, USA, Australia and Japan. Buyers may choose between conventional solid strip and parquet flooring, or engineered flooring.

Hardwood decking

Few materials can match the beauty and practicality of tropical timber for decking. Unlike concrete, brick, stone, ceramic tiles or metal, timber decking can create a quick facelift to one’s outdoor ambience.

It is simple to install, and does not require elaborate, time-consuming foundation work. Its flexibility allows landscape artists the freedom to incorporate enhancements such as handrails, balustrades, pergolas, screens and gazebos.

Timbers such as Balau, Belian, Giam, Chengal, Merbau and dark red Meranti are the best hardwoods for decking products because of their durability, strength and attractive grain.

Testament to this are the numerous world class holiday resorts throughout the world, such as in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and Malaysia where decking made of Malaysian tropical timbers add to their warmth and beauty.

Complement to art

Pictures frames are invariably a must when you want to embellish your photos and paintings for display. Pictures frames are themselves works of art adding a touch of grandeur to the object on display.

Some people prefer plain mouldings in natural finish and have a choice of wood species to suit their tastes, while others would go for the intricate and ornately sculptured and filigree designs, in gold, silver or bronze gilded finish. The warmth and texture of wood complement any piece of artwork.

Malaysian picture frame manufacturers, already adept at exporting high quality picture frames worldwide, are capable of meeting your every need including customed-designed picture frames in small or large batches.

Exported internationally including to the US, China, West Asia and Europe, Malaysian picture frames are of the highest quality. They are manufactured with the latest technology at every stage of production.

Raw materials are carefully selected from a variety of species such as Jelutong, Penarahan, Pulai, Ramin, white Meranti and Mempisang for their stability.

For a list of Malaysian suppliers of timber and timber products, and to learn more about Malaysian timber species, please contact the Malaysian Timber Council (



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