‘Timber Forum’ on 10 March

One of the highlights at IndiaWood 2018 will be the ‘Timber Forum’, organised by WoodNews magazine (10 March: 2-6 pm) at the venue, for the promotion of timber in construction, furniture manufacturing and interior design.

‘Timber Forum’ has been conceived as a knowledge-sharing platform for suppliers (timber councils, importers/exporters), end users (furniture makers, real estate construction companies, etc.) and influencers (architects, interior designers, project consultants, etc.).

These stakeholders visit IndiaWood from all of India’s woodworking hubs – as well as those from neighbouring countries, and nations from South-East Asia and South Asia – in the residential/domestic and office/commercial segments.

The ‘Timber Forum’ is being promoted as one of the highlights of IndiaWood 2018. The theme this year is ‘Versatility of Timber in Furniture, Construction and Interiors’.


•         Description of various timber species from around the world

•         Availability of timber, sustainability of sources & logistics of buying

•         Traditional and innovative applications in furniture, construction & interiors

•         Suitability & adaptability of foreign species of hardwoods and softwoods

•         Understanding the Indian market: pricing, trends, demand and potential

•         Helping timber suppliers connect and engage with end users & influencers


•         A prominent Keynote Speaker is the main draw for the hundreds of visitors, comprising of furniture manufacturers, architects, interior designers, representatives of construction companies and carpenters

•         Presentations by eminent experts from the fields of design, construction, manufacturing and wood science have been organised

•         A panel discussion has been formalised, with participation from the audience

•         One-on-one meetings are being organised between suppliers and consumers

The ‘Timber Forum’ is expected to become a prestigious international event in timber engineering, engineered wood products and design of timber structures. It will also attract researchers and engineers, contractors and project managers, fabricators and suppliers from across India and neighbouring countries.

In the following pages, WoodNews has highlighted some of the important timber resources from across the world, along with their specialities.

Please register at http://indiawood.com/timberforum/



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