Accoya meets designer home needs

Accoya, the world-leading modified wood manufactured by UK-based Accsys Technologies, is one of the most versatile and widely used brands, both in India and overseas. The wood has been used to construct windows and doors for a specially designed split level home located in Hastings, UK.

Designed by London-based architecture firm Alma-nac, the property, which is called the Split House, replaces a 1950’s bungalow and run-down barn that the owners wanted to convert into a highly sustainable home that took advantage of its hilltop location. As a result, architect firm Alma-nac designed the property to extend out in three different directions, providing stunning views of the sea and nearby Dungeness headland.

The architects specified Accoya to construct the external windows, window reveals and doors for the stylish property. A whole of 38 fixed and opening windows were installed, as well as 22 glazed door leafs using the wood.

The doors and windows will require little maintenance over their lifetime due to the process in which the wood is made. The acetylation process, which is used to toughen the wood, delivers outstanding levels of performance, stability and durability.

Mr. Caspar Rodgers from Alma-nac commented: “We chose Accoya because we wanted to build using eco-friendly materials that could withstand the variable weather conditions that are characteristic of England’s southern coast.”

Ms. Laura Ladd, head of marketing for Accsys Technologies said: “The Split House in Hastings is a uniquely engineered home that is very visually impressive. Accoya windows have undergone extensive testing, and have outperformed many other window applications.”

Not only do the windows complement the look and style of the property but Accoya windows will also withstand the harsh winds and wet weather conditions that Hastings can experience.

Made from FSC-certified wood from legal, manageable and sustainable forests, Accoya is an attractive wood product which is perfect for a variety of uses from windows and doors to external cladding, structural projects and decking.  It is one of the most durable, low maintenance and eco-friendly timber products available in India and is well suited to withstand monsoon season and the hot and humid climate.

Tests have shown that it offers improved dimensional stability when assessed against a range of other woods including teak, demonstrating advanced performance compared to competitor products.  Accoya is distributed in India through Mumbai-based Ritikaa Wood.



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