Accoya provides answer to sceptics

Accoya, the world-leading wood manufactured by the UK-based Accsys Technologies, is one of the most versatile and widely used brands, both in India and overseas.

Almost every test imaginable has been carried out – from an assessment of heat retention compared to other wood products in hot conditions, to Accoya’s capacity to avoid falling victim to wood loving termites – which are able to destroy some of the naturally toughest woods in the world.

Indeed, for the first time ever, India has ready access to water- and termite-proof wood. But, as always, there are those who still need convincing of its attributes, and for these sceptics there is a host of research to back up these claims, which they could refer to.

Commercial property

One of the largest real estate firm in Pune was looking to make a striking impact for its brand new 3,00,000-square-foot commercial property headquarters in India’s sixth-largest city.

The architect, one of the most respected in India, had a vision to translate his client’s requirement for this signature project by using wood in an external application. The architect was reassured by the dimensional stability and aesthetics provided RitikaaWood cladding products using Accoya.

Using Accoya of approximately 30 km in length, the tongue-and-groove hidden fixing system with translucent coatings, have maintained their dimension, lustre and colour after exposure to the humid and highly temperate Pune weather. \

Accoya was used in conjunction with other materials for gate cladding, terrace beams and wall cladding areas. This resulted in the building becoming the most well-recognised commercial buildings in the city and is a landmark in the upscale University Road locale.

Delhi farmhouse

Accoya was used to create a series of doors and facades throughout a stunning 3,000-square-metre farmhouse in Delhi in 2012. The architect was faced with the paradox of finding a wood able to withstand both the extreme heat and humidity of the outside, and also intense air conditioning within the farmhouse.

Only a timber as dimensionally stable as Accoya could provide product solution, and particularly when temperatures are as high as 45 degrees C in central Delhi.

Spread out over two floors, the entrance door was constructed out of solid Accoya, measuring 1.5 metres wide and 4.2 metres high, with a 4-mm clearance around the edges. The architect specified Accoya for cladding, curtain walling and 4.2-metre-high Accoya French doors with the confidence that it will last in the extreme climate.

Luxury home

Accoya wood was used in the renovation of a private Indian residence five years ago. Located in central Pune, the owners of the property required windows and doors for their modern three-storey suburban bungalow.

The residence, which is home to a large joint family, needed a premium and unique look to complement the other wood and luxury interior furnishings.

The renovation, which was completed in March 2011 and supplied by RitikaaWood in India, consisted of a two-track sliding door and a combination of two- and four-shutter windows with casement frames.

With the Indian climate so prone to change, any material used must be up to the challenge of facing varying and extreme weather. Accoya proved to be the perfect answer to the requirement.

Dimensional stability

When it comes to stability, independent tests by the Timber Research and Development Association have shown that acetylated wood has minimal distortion, even under experimental conditions designed to induce cupping.

In these tests, Accoya was shown to outperform other timbers commonly used for cladding.

The benefits of such stability are particularly important in applications where design details, such as wide boards or open mitre joints, push the performance of timber beyond traditionally acceptable limits, or where the cladding is to be coated.

The stability of acetylated wood such as Accoya results in less frequent maintenance than for other timber cladding as there is less shrinkage and swelling.

– The Accoya wood production process and its future developments are available as a license to interested parties wishing to operate their own Accoya plant and develop their markets. For details visit



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