‘Finnish coniferous wood has huge uses in India market’

MrYogesh Jain, Director, SitaramFerozilal Jain.

To respond to the business potential of Indian markets, ‘Wood from Finland’, a national promotion programme for Finnish sawn timber, launched its Indian operations at IndiaWood 2018.

This is being followed by seminars in Delhi and Mumbai (26 & 28 November respectively).

To get a local viewpoint, we contacted Mr. Yogesh Jain, Director of the Indian timber trade company, SitaramFerozilal Jain. Yogesh shares his insights into the potential of Finnish coniferous wood for the Indian market.

How do you see the potential of Finnish coniferous wood for the Indian market?

India is mainly a hardwood market and has limited knowledge of coniferous woods. But with shrinking availability of hardwoods, Indian buyers are now forced to look for coniferous woods. As Finnish coniferous wood is not so popular in India, it has a big potential.

What end-uses you think would be the most suitable for Finnish coniferous wood?

Finnish coniferous wood is suitable for doors, windows, door jams and furniture components. This is because Finnish wood is dense; it is not subject to warping; it has few knots with tight and not so distinct coloured knots.

What would be the benefits of Finnish coniferous wood?

Other available coniferous woods are from New Zealand and Canada. These are mainly being used for packaging. As Southern Yellow Pine is very resinous, it has limitations.

Compared to German Pine and Spruce, Finnish wood is denser with fewer knots. Thus, Finnish wood will have better acceptability for higher end uses and even for structural purposes.

Do you think that the legal, certified origin of Finnish wood is important to the Indian market?

India is increasingly sensitive towards the environment and rushing to have ‘green’ buildings with mandatory requirements of green certifications.

For more information on Finnish wood or its suitability to Indian end-use, write to

Mr. DharmeshSharan, Senior Advisor at Business Finland (dharmesh.sharan@businessfinland.fi), or call +91-9899101589.



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