Teknos drapes stadium in polyurea protection

Teknos, was one of the 70 companies involved in the construction of a baseball stadium with 2,500 seats in eastern Finland, which was completed in 2018. Besides baseball, the stadium will also host concerts.

Coating is one of the most significant factors in protecting the stadium from weather and the wear-and-tear as the floors and stairs are up for a lot of use under the feet of audiences and the changing Finnish weather.

The grandstands function as the roof of the facilities below and the wear rate of the stands is also high because of the number of people using it. Carefully selected polyurea coating was used for the protection of the floors of the kitchen and toilet facilities of the stadium. To prevent slippage, the coating was roughened.

The wooden floor of the grandstand at the new stadium was given a durable and waterproof coating to protect the area under the stands. The building’s frame structures from glued laminated timber were also treated with a wood preservative to protect them from ageing and weathering.

Teknos also carried out the polyurea coated roofing that protects the facilities under the grandstands and also made the seating waterproof and extremely hard-wearing.

Teknos was the only paint manufacturer able to meet the colour requirements for the quantity of tinted polyurea required and prepared a special batch specifically for this project to match the colour scheme of the stadium. The tinting resulted in the stadium’s characteristically beautiful and harmonic colour scheme to be retained.

The project was interesting because the grandstands were wooden and brought its own challenges because the object was required to be carefully primed.

The glued laminated timber structures were primed with the Aqua Primer 2907 wood preservative. Finding the appropriate coating was easy because the same treatment was used for the protective treatment for the central arena next to the stadium in 2012.

The timber constructions of the stadium consist of glued laminated timber of up to 30 metres, as well as thousands of smaller glued laminated timber pieces and both visible and hidden pieces had to be surface treated. This solution protected the wooden pieces also during construction.



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