Tece makes ‘wardrobe’ for edge banding rolls

Streamlined storage is the basic requirement in any efficient and functional unit. In a woodworking or a furniture workshop this is especially applicable to edge banding rolls that come in many colours and are usually stored on shelves, on top of each other.

Tece, a producer of furniture edge banding, has developed a hanger which works in the same way as a small wardrobe where, instead of your shirt or jacket, you hang edge banding rolls.

The hanger is a simple and a practical tool that saves both space and time and is designed for medium and small furniture producers. In this specialised tool, there are nine hangers inclusive in the set. And they can come in different width as requested: 19mm, 22mm, 28mm, 42mm, etc.

This tool can be a great use for small and medium size workshops, especially if you are changing rolls on a continuous basis in the workshop, and can save lots of time.

An edge bander operator spends approximately 5 minutes to change from one roll to another. If they use only 10 metres from that roll, they will still spend 5 minutes. This tool will save about 4 minutes from that 5 minute. So, in one day, if the operator is changing 20 rolls, it will mean about 80 minutes extra saved time.

However, if you are going to use white colour for 400 metres, this tool does not make a difference. It will be more convenient to use the existing edge banding rack on the machine.



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