Joway delivers a precision cut

The JR-18 is ideal for precise trimming of plywood work pieces, aided by a laser device and pneumatic rip fence.

With the aim of providing a precise and smooth performance when cutting through a piece of wood, Joway has brought out P-32, a quality sliding table saw with accurate cutting.

The P-32 is the right machine to use when you are sizing a 4”x8” wood piece. With its light and ergonomic aluminum-made sliding table frame, it is specially made for a stable and precise performance.

The machine is equipped with high quality saw blade and efficient motors that significantly improve cutting accuracy and working condition with low vibration and low noise emissions. The safety guard, set over the saw blade, not only ensures operators’ safety, but also helps to collect the dust with its vacuum system.

The sliding table saw comes in four different sizes (by cutting length) – 1900mm, 2600mm, 3200mm and 3800mm. A 3200-mm sliding table saw is able to cut through a piece of 5’x10’ panel with ease.

A standard P-32 comes with a 7.5-HP main motor and 1 HP for the scoring motor. The main spindle speed has three speed modes: 3000 rpm, 4000 rpm and 5000 rpm.

Each P-32 is equipped with a 12-inch (305-mm) saw blade and its cutting height is up to 102 mm, when the saw blade is at 90° and 70 mm at 45°. A 370-mm extension saw table and a 1300-mm cutting width device ensures smooth working.

To adjust the main saw height, blade tilting, scoring saw blade +/- direction, the operator has to slightly spin the hand wheels while the angle is shown by a digital display device. A mitre fence allows the operator to make an angled cut.

With the decrease in the availability of solid wood due different countries banning lumbering, more and more solid wood furniture manufacturers have started to look for an alternative options and using plywood instead.

Plywood needs precise trimming before gluing several woodworking pieces to a bigger working piece. JR-18 is an ideal machine for this and its ruggedly constructed structure allows for stable and precise trimming. Additionally, the accurate fence combined with the pressure roller system offers greater positioning assistance with smoother feeding operations

For longer working piece up to 2 meters, a laser device is provided for an accurate cutting and allows for a distance of up to 4 meters. In addition, for longer working pieces an extended rip fence and feeding table is also available.

In case adjustments are required to be made on the feeding speed while working, the inverter system can help alter feeding speed at 11-28 m/min.

A pneumatic rip fence device helps to save uptime and allows operators to move rip fence manually.

As operator safety is an important, standard JR-18 machine comes with a safety guard, while the choice of anti-kickback fingers is optional.



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