Homag’s PUR flat lamination line

Laminating is currently experiencing something of a renaissance in the field of

decorative finishing of wood-based panels. Major trends such as high-gloss, supermatt, or tactile structured surfaces are raising the bar for surfaces in the furniture industry.

Today, technical innovations and continuous developments are making laminating a powerful, flexible, and reliable finishing procedure. The different requirements for surfaces in furniture manufacturing demand clever production solutions that can be achieved by utilizing the experience and solid process expertise of Homag.

The company  has aligned and expanded its portfolio on this basis thus customized laminating technology for specific solutions.

Lamteq F-200 is for laminating of coating materials from the roll or as veneer sheets on a plane carrier plate from top, by PUR hot-melt glue with throughfeed operations.

Polyurethane-based adhesives offer a  range of applications and a broad spectrum of properties. They are distinguished by maximum adhesion, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor components, and are highly resistant to solvents, water, steam, heat, and cold.

As PUR adhesives do not contain any moisture, substrates do not swell, stresses during the drying process are prevented  making it suitable for bonding a vast array of materials. The low processing temperature makes it ideal for thin thermoplastic films and  ensures high-quality standards.

The concept of a PUR laminating line  consists of a glue application machine, a lay-up station, and a laminating calendar. The glue application machine applies the PUR adhesive to the base-panel using a rubberized application roller. The base- panel is merged with the coating material in the lay-up station.

A pair of rollers presses the base panel and the coating material together, in a throughfeed process in the laminating calender. Flexibility and modularity are the distinguishing features of the system. The specific configuration of a system can always be customised.

The innovative handling concept makes working with a laminating plant a unique experience. This means less personnel are required for operations and also removes the need for physically demanding lifting, carrying and flipping of unwieldy panels, with its partly-automated handling solution. All this makes it possible for one person to manage all the work piece transport.



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