Hettich floor springs add ease to door operations

The 840 series can take weights of up to 150 kg, accommodate doors 1100 mm wide in steel and wood, has a door opening angle of 1300, and comes in a silver finish.

We all are familiar with floor springs, a mechanical door closing device mostly used for glass doors along with patch fitting. Floor springs are mainly used where both pull and push movement is required.

The most prominent area where floor springs are used is for interior doors of a business park, malls and hospitality buildings. Hettich has come up with an impressive range of floor springs.

The process of selection of a suitable floor spring is akin to the selection of a door closer. The criteria involves a process pertaining to a meticulous choice of door dimensions (weight and width), closing speed variation, safety and durability, door closer’s performance in fire situation, aesthetics, etc.

Although with floor spring weight is an essential commodity it is not as important as the door width.

Floor springs operate on cam action mechanism where when the door is opened to any one side, the bottom arm fixed to the door rotates the cam spindle and in turn the cam also rotates due to which the cam assembly (connecting rod spring) connected to the piston pulls the piston head.

This makes the compression spring and oil compress and makes the oil rush to the other side of the piston head through the check valve.

In case the door is opened until 900, the cam engages in arrestor pin, making the door held at the given angle which will remain open till disengaged by applying force on the door.

On the other hand, if the opening of the door is less than 900, when the door is released, the stored energy in the compressed spring tries to push the piston head, resulting in the closing of the door.

Hettich has an impressive range of floor springs in series of 960 series (door width 950-1400mm), 840 series (door width: 750-1100mm), 650 series (door width: 750 -1100mm) and 463 series (door width: 950mm) catering to door weight of 300 kg, 150 kg,100 kg and 80 kg respectively.

The accessories for floor springs can constitute top and bottom pivot, mostly for wooden and steel profile doors. The accessory kit is a collection of reception for floor spring pivot, reception for pivot hinge, and an adjustable pivot hinge.

In addition, cover for floor spring 840 and 650 series is another aesthetically designed accessory available to add charm to the product.

The utility of the floor spring is immense and it is equally imperative to provide the right quality content with durability of service. It is here that Hettich comes with the assurance of right value for the quality characterised product, guaranteed to last for a long time.



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