Eternsoft brings home the magic of VR

Eternsoft, is an innovative Bengaluru-based start-up on augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies whose quality products provide immersive experiences to diverse industries and elevates their B2B and/or B2C in sales, marketing, commerce and design.

The software, Eternspace, is designed for interior designers, architects and the home furnishing industry and allows early realisation of designs, quick customer conversations, and improvement in sales, cost and operational efficiency through augmented reality solutions.

It focuses on making things easier to deploy 3D product AR experiences to every step of the buying process to increase conversion rate and significantly reduce rejects and return.

It is designed for B2B and B2C, as connects online and offline channels creating a seamless omni-channel retail experience to drive customer engagement and sales.

Eternspace, in integration with Eterncloud, makes available the 3D AR visualisation and experience of furniture and interior decors quickly and easily on smartphones and tablets, right where they stand. It could be home spaces, office spaces, in-store and everywhere in between.

With its instant environment recognition and tracking feature Eternspace eliminates latency and delivers a consistent AR experience across platforms and devices. Seamless integration with EternCloud means users can place an unlimited number of 3D products into a real-world context, using the camera on most standard tablets and smartphones.

Eternspace features include the ability to visualise products and designs in high quality 3D/AR, 360-degree AR view, configurable on the fly, and the ability to anchor the augmented 3D AR furniture in scene. It also collects powerful analytics that help businesses better understand their customers, no matter how they shop.

AR 3D floor planning helps architects to give life to their floor plan designs, visualize and interact with their designs early and at every phase to realize designs quickly. It also gives a realistic impression of how an apartment, house or office will look like and by collecting user specific information and data.

It also allows customers come right to the construction site as 3D augmented house when viewed through smartphone or tablets. They can get the feel of real world size of their house and can even do an augmented reality walkthrough into their fully furnished future home and experience the designs and furnishing of all spaces in detail.



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