Baumer keeps hawk’s eye on furniture defects

Highly-sensitive, special cameras and sensors developed by Baumer offer very high-definition, high-speed imaging from different angles for all surface and internal damages.

ColourBrain inspection systems automatically detect defects, monitor the production process and continuously measure the colour impression and printing sharpness for papers or decor foils, check the furniture board directly after lamination and check each floor plank and furniture element for the smallest surface and edge defects.

It is used in laminated MDF or HDF boards in short-cycle press lines; high-gloss lacquering of furniture parts; high-pressure laminated boards; carcass elements and fronts, and decor papers and foils.

Special cameras developed by Baumer are used so even at a high speed rate, very high definition is guaranteed. With the patented FlashingSky technology, images can be taken from different angles for all kind of surface damages to be detected.

Newly developed, ultra-sensitive camera modules reliably detect heat streaks, scratches, blemishing or displaced paper; with maximum speed and precision. The Q-brain classification system automatically assigns each defect in the process to its cause and creates the conditions for process optimisation and the avoidance of waste.

ColourBrain Furniture and Edge modules check furniture edges for the smallest melamine and glued joint defects directly in the edging machine, and the lacquering of V-joints and the right positioning of clips in flooring lines.

The systems detect any damage to surfaces and edges, decor defects and dimensional deviations on one side or both sides during front panel and carcass production, foil wrapping and lacquering with maximum speed and precision.

The Q-live networks with ColourBrain system and records the quality of products around the clock – per shift, per product and per production batch.

Baumer counts among its customer the likes of Arauco, Swiss Krono, IKEA, Nobilia, Kronospan and Wilsonart.

Product highlights:

•         Innovative LED lighting systems

•         Single/double-sided surface inspection

•         Scanner modules with highest sensitivity

•         Process analysis and optimisation with Q-brain

For more than 35 years, Baumer Inspection has specialised in maximising precision for surface inspection and quality supervision. With more than 500 installed systems worldwide, its scanners inspectfurniture panels, decorative papers, foils, laminate flooring and surfaces and edges of furniture components.

Baumer Inspection is integrated in the Swiss Baumer Group, a world leader for high-quality sensors and systems for factory automation.

Baumer India was established in January 2007 as a wholly owned sales-service subsidiary for the Indian Sub-continent – for India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Since then Baumer India has offered innovative product like gluing systems, sensor solutions, motion control and vision technology products. ( )



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