Online plywood shopping at Unibuildmart

Bengaluru-based United Plywood Agencies has launched its e-commerce wing,, displaying the complete range of plywood, laminates, veneers, doors, MDF and exterior cladding products.

In order to bring transparency to trading in plywood and related goods, it has also added options for pricing, payment and delivery preferences.

After serving the markets of Mumbai and Delhi for more than 40 years, United Plywood Agencies is now extending its operations to Chennai and Hyderabad.

On offer are plywood in various grades (commercial, BWR and BWP) and thicknesses (9-12 mm) from such well-known brands as Centuryply, Greenply, Kitply and Archidply.

Its laminate offerings (1-mm thick) come from Merino Laminates, Greenlam, Century Mica and others. BWP-grade flexiply (6-mm thick) comes from Kitply; while shuttering plywood, MDF, veneers block boards and adhesives come from globally leading manufacturers.

United Plywood Agencies also offer on its e-commerce portal 6-mm-thick exterior cladding products from Greenlam and other reputed suppliers. It also sells doors from Century Doors, Durian and others.

Buying plywood online has always been a challenge in terms of providing service and giving on-time delivery. United Plywood Agencies has always strived to give its customers better service and on-time deliveries.

“We intend to give our customers better service each time, on time,” says Mr. Mohammed Saad, CEO at For details, write to



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