Stripper that removes paint in a jiffy!

US-based Restoration Works Inc. has developed an environment-friendly method of paint stripping called the light wave stripper. This method utilizes advanced infrared technology, and is revolutionizing the way old paint coatings can be removed.

By simply placing a light wave stripper over a section of wood for 60 seconds, multiple layers of paint are loosened and lifted and the paint can be scraped off as if it were butter.

The paint stripping industry is currently dominated by chemical based paint removal products, most of which are toxic or harmful to humans in some way.

Eliminating chemicals used in paint stripping can have a positive dramatic impact on our health and our environment, and it can encourage more reuse and recycling of quality materials such as forest wood.

Professional painting contractors, lead abatement contractors, restoration companies, and others who strip high volumes of paint-laden objects can now do so quickly and without the use of any chemicals.

Restoration Works Inc. has been using the light wave stripper internally for over 4 years with great success. Stripping production has increased dramatically because the removal process is so quick, and toxic waste has decreased dramatically (by up to 90%) because no chemicals are needed.

Traditional paint stripping methods are time-consuming, onerous, and involve applying chemicals, waiting for the chemicals to penetrate, removing the chemicals and paint, and disposing of the waste.

By contrast, the light wave stripper simply requires a 60-second zap. The paint shavings, if lead-based, must be disposed of properly.

The light wave stripper was developed to solve the difficulty of paint stripping as well as to promote the Green movement which encourages us to recycle, reuse, and restore older quality materials.



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