Rehau door solutions marry function with appearance

Good tambour door solutions feature functional advantages such as quick access, complete freedom of movement and easy operation. Rehau’sRauvolet Metallic-line vertical tambour door system, which runs on the back wall, in fact does much more.

With its slim guides it is yet another design highlight that combines these positive properties with a high-quality real metal look. The glass tambour door system is available as a system that runs on the back wall guidance, or as a cassette solution and makes the most of the design possibilities offered by the glass.

Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or interior design the innovative Vetro-line glass tambour door system represents design of the highest standard and brings the allure of glass to any type of room.

With its reduced-width track system and real-glass ribs, the tambour door system forms harmonious and flat fronts, which create an additional design experience with light reflections in the room and also has outstanding running properties.

The door system, in turn, combines the functional properties of a polymer tambour door system with the attractive look of a high-quality precious metal – a choice of aluminium or brushed stainless steel.

It allows quick access with maximum freedom of movement and only little strength is needed for the systems to glide in their discreet guide runners and release the storage space behind the tambour door.

A tambour door cabinet also has the advantages of not having wing or folding doors that could get in the way when open. A room with tambour door cabinets offers permanent, unrestricted freedom of movement and maximum space around the cabinet. The comprehensive tambour door range and door cabinets stand out for their attractive designs and easy handling.

There are five design lines, seven vertical application methods, nine profile geometries and 27 colours and decorative designs and the modular design principle makes it very easy to combine tambour door profiles, guide variants and desired accessories that can be customised.



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