Praveedh launches multi-colour acrylic panels

Innovation is one of the three pillars on which Praveedh Décor’s existence is based upon. The other two are quality and service. Keeping the innovation engine in overdrive, Praveedh Décor has launched another innovative panel solution: OpuLux Fantasy.

OpuLux Fantasy is the first product of its kind designed and manufactured in India. Because of the technological limitations of the current flat lamination process, only single colour acrylic panels are being manufactured worldwide. Therefore, if the furniture design demanded multi-colour options on a single panel, then the designers are forced to use either high pressure laminates or PU coating.

High pressure laminates do not offer the gloss or supermatt quality which an acrylic laminate offers. PU coating is a time consuming and expensive process. Some of the furniture manufacturers were producing customised multi-colour acrylic furniture panels using expensive hardware profiles and skilled workmanship.

In other words, the customers and manufacturers had to compromise either in terms of material or the process.

As a leader in flat lamination technology, Praveedh Décor was able to overcome this process. After investing months in research and process development, Praveedh Décor developed OpuLux Fantasy.

Precision process

These are multi-colour, multi-finish, ready-to-use panels made using a multitude of acrylic surfaces. Different monochrome acrylic laminates are bonded together using a very special precision process to create OpuLux Fantasy panels.

OpuLux Fantasy range of panels is a remarkable breakthrough to beat the monotony of single colour acrylic panels. Now designers can create an uncountable range of colour combinations while designing their furniture.

The beauty of OpuLux Fantasy is that all the different colour options currently available in the entire OpuLux series – OpuLux Scratch-Proof, OpuLuxSupermatt, OpuLux Acryl Glass and OpuLux Classic – can be blended seamlessly to create the magic called OpuLux Fantasy.

OpuLux Fantasy panels are available in a choice of core materials such as BWR plywood, Birch plywood, MDF and composite core materials. Just like all the other OpuLux products, the back side of OpuLux Fantasy is balanced using engineered polymer backer, ABS.

All the laminates are bonded together in a state-of-the-art flat lamination line using hot-melt PUR. OpuLux Fantasy is a tremendously versatile panel solution to produce designer wardrobe shutters, bedroom furniture, living room units, dining tables, exclusive office furniture, hotel and restaurant furniture, as well as retail shop fixtures.

Today, Praveedh Décor panels are not only used by leading furniture manufacturers in India, they are also exported across the globe. Praveedh Décor also offers Nivesa and Zooper pre-laminated panels. Nivesa panels are available in high gloss, supermatt, and textured finishes on MDF.



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