Creative sanding with Heesemann

Karl Heesemann, the German sanding machine manufacturer, is a well-known name in India and its machines are used by several leading Indian furniture and door manufacturers such as Godrej, NLDK, Sobha, Doors & Doors, Omfurn Doors and Total Environment.

Heesemann  machines  are acclaimed  for  their veneer  sanding,  lacquer  sanding,  and high -gloss  sanding  because of  their  unique  electromagnetic  pressure  beam  system, as  well  as  a variety  of  features  available  on  the  machines.   

The company has  now  introduced  an effect  sanding   feature  on  its  machines where effects  such  as  rough-sawn  surfaces,  planing  effects  or  a vintage  look  can be  replicated.

The  rustic,  striking  look  evokes  the  impression  of  handmade  patterns  and  emphasizes the naturalness of the wood and this is effected by means of  special  procedures.

Based  on  the  unique  CSD  magnetic  pressure  beam  system  in  conjunction  with  innovative  control  software,  every   machine  user  can  produce  any  desired  effects  on  the  machine  itself.

The  system  has  an  advantage  over  conventional  pneumatic  competitor  products as  the  control  of  the  pressure  bar  is  almost  instantaneous  and  allows  the  generation  of  patterns  and  effects  with  the  utmost  precision.

The  flexibility  of  the  system  is  another  plus  for  the  user.  The  control  terminal  can  be  used  to  easily  program  and  save  different  patterns  and  effects, thus reducing  set-up  time. For more information write to



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