SCM has the edge with Stefani edge banders

Extraordinary productivity levels and low operating costs, high investment returns, superior machining quality, uncompromising technical perfection, maximum finishing quality, the possibility of contributing to the construction of high design furniture, highly flexible, software and apps to pass from programming to production very quickly – these are just some of the features of SCM’s Stefani XD range of edge banding machines.

Stefani XD is the perfect solution for super-optimised, highly integrated and extremely developed production situations. Thanks to the new generation of heavy-duty trimming, chamfering and edge-scraping units or the stiffer supporting structures, with 55% lighter dynamic parts, or the possibility of the extra precise zero-lock motor tool connection, you can now generate a high-quality production process.

It allows for the utmost on to the specifications of the panels being machined, especially the most delicate ones. The new generation of corner rounding units with four motors and Round 4 let you, with practically null set up times, produce furniture components for any aesthetic choice, with machining on three different radiuses with speeds up to 30 metres per minute on any material, wood included.

Today you can achieve considerable micro-adjustments of the track feeling, even by a single one-hundredth, thanks to SCM’s new and exclusive AFS adaptive track feeling patent.

The new Maestro Pro-Edge interface, a veritable “virtual operator”, allows orders of any volume and mix to be produced incredibly quickly, thanks to the self-learning mode and the possibility of approaching the entire process by focusing on “what to produce” and not “how to produce it”.

Main specifications:

Panel thickness: 8-60 mm

Edge thickness: 0.4-22 mm

Feed speed: 10-30 metres/minute.

Continuous use, versatility and exclusive solutions for high quality machining operations are the characteristics of the new Stefani KD. All the features of current edge banders, such as the possibility of using two different glues and the automatic machine set-up, can be found in this machine, making it ideal for all companies needing to produce a large quantity of different types of panels.

The Stefani KD includes all the principal strengths of the SCM edge banders, such as the SGP glue tank with two different pre-melters that can be used simultaneously, the QMS-P for EVA glue and the PU Box-L for polyurethane glue.

Stefani KD stands out for the automatic and error-free set up of the machining heads, which can machine edges with two different radii and solid wood up to 12 mm thick.

The Airfusion technology guarantees unequalled panel finishes thanks to the invisible joint line between the edge and the panel. Stefani KD can achieve high production levels with edge banding speeds of up to 20 metres/minute.

Main specifications:

Panel thickness: 8-60 mm

Edge thickness: 0.4-12 mm

Variable machining speed: 10-20 metres/minute.

A new completely automatic model of the Olimpic K-360 has been added to the current range. The use of “multi-edge” machining heads with electronic axes allows the machine to be set up automatically to machine panels with two different radii, solid wood and thin edges.

The multi-edge units also ensure simple and error-free adjustments, to machine panels with protective film. These specifications render the new “HP T-ER1” composition ideal for companies whose success is built on flexibility.

The Olimpic K-360, like all the Olimpic edge banders in the range, has undergone a consistent restyling that results in a more ergonomic use and improved access to the machining heads.

The versatility and the machining quality remain the features that have made the Olimpic K-360 the global point of reference for small to medium sized companies.

Main specifications:

Panel thickness: 8-60 mm

Edge thickness: 0.4-6 mm

Variable machining speed: 11 metres/minute.

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