Top drawer panel saw and edge banders from Jai

Jai Industries offer an unparalleled array of products that include woodworking and panel processing machinery and electric motors. It is well known for its engineering quality, technology and innovation.

Its Proline range of machines are products of R&D backed, high-end precision engineering and have the best possible features and are made of the topmost quality material and component. All the products are backed by dedicated service and guidance.

Jai currently manufactures 30,000 machines a year in its seven plants that have a total floor area of 4, 00,000 square feet. Its machines are specifically produced to suit Indian working conditions.


Pro 3.2 panel saw

The machine consists of a heavy duty, precision sliding-table that runs on large rollers sandwiched between hard chromed guide-bars which guarantee absolute precision. Hollow, multi-chamber aluminium extrusion guarantees optimal torsion resistance and rigidity.

Salient features

•         A smooth-running and powerful saw unit that is a powerhouse produced with the latest manufacturing technology. The high-precision, vertical movement of the unit is linear with maintenance -free guide bearings that allows the whole unit to tilt easily and precisely to the correct angle

•         Rip fence with fine manual adjustment that enable it to be adjusted precisely. The fence can be set with pinpoint precision by means of the adjusting screw

•         Extra support for wider work piece

•         The sturdy frame provides a rigid support for all cutting with telescopic cross-cut fence with aluminum guides for precise and easy positioned. Also panels to be squared and cuts at an angle up-to 45º on both sides of the table

•         Optional digital read out (DRO) with crosscut mitre fence and a digital length display. This enables a setting precision accuracy of +/-0.1mm


Auto Edge Bander

The edge bander is made from with high-end, advanced technology and has various features. It comes at an affordable price

Salient Features


•         An optimal unit for panel edge pre-milling with two high frequency compact motors. Individual pneumatic cylinder prepares the panel for gluing. Smoothens the panel for achieving perfect joint line of the edge                                                                                                                     

Gluing, Banding and Edge Cutting

•         Innovative pre-melting sensor operated, teflon-coated glue tank that has a drop system to automatically maintain the required level and enables the spreading roller to provide precise and consistent application without overheating and wastage. This results in less than 50% consumption of glue compared to other similar machines

•         Perfect adhesion to the applied edge with three pressure rollers actuated by pneumatic cylinders

•         Heavy-duty knife with pneumatic pressure that cuts the PVC/ABS edge banding material of up to 50mm height and 3mm thickness

Fine Trimming & Round Cornering              

•         Trimmer 2R cutter for PVC/ABS gives perfect rounding on the edges of straight, chamfered and regular post-formed panel      

•         Two compact and powerful high-frequency motors, sliding on two prismatic, heavy guide ways with recirculation ball bearings guarantee a good finish on edges                  

Edge Scraping and Cleaning Agent

•         Gives the best finishing touch to the PVC/ABS edges, leaving no trimming marks on the panel that features rotating copiers. It also has a scraping unit with an extraction hood complete with a suitable container and filter for long chips                                                                                                                                         

•         To prevent glue adherence on the panel, cleaning liquid is sprayed on lower and upper edge surfaces of the panel

Control Panel

•         Easy accessible, user-friendly, smart-touch PLC control panel positioned at machine in-feed, for easy and quick operations

•         PUR glue tank (Optional)

•         High water and heat resistance

•         Good adhesion on different edge composition

•         High resistance of solvent

•         No glue line

•         Easy changeover of EVA Glue tank

•         Low working temperature: 110°C to 155°C

•         Glue pot capacity: 2 kg





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