1,000 options in 5-axes technology from Felder

Modern CNC woodworking with individual flexibility is now as efficient and simple as possible. Felder’s new CNC processing centre, Profit H500 MT, puts industrial use in the centre point of an innovative operating concept. There are 34 tool positions included in the standard equipment to offer a wide range of processing options.

CNC innovation: The Format-4 SafeSpace.

The large dimensioned matrix table made from phenolic resin guarantees secure processing of work pieces of any material and size due to optimal vacuum distribution. The machine is equipped with an aluminium table as standard, which allows individual mechanical clamping systems allowing any type of work piece or template to be fixed to the machine.

Moreover, Felder’s in-house developed software with clear menu guidance and intuitive operating concept makes programming simple.

Safe spaces

The CNC machining centres, profit H350, H300 and H200, enclosed on all sides by the Format-4 SafeSpace, bring the most modern of CNC technology even to smaller workshops.

Up to 5.3 square metres less installation space is required, but with massively increased working safety: that is the maximum CNC benefit that you can expect from Format-4.

Wide belt sanders

Felder’s new Finish 1352 modular and 1353 modular wide-belt sanding machines are outstanding due to their unique flexibility. Either as a 2 or 3 belt machine, you can decide the individual equipment and configuration of the processing units.

The free aggregate configuration option enables the optimal adaption to clients’ requirements, which ensures maximum efficiency and maximum time saving. In addition, the feed belt speed can be adjusted continuously from 2.8 to 20 metres/second to suit different surfaces.

Five different sanding units and numerous individual optional extras allow an optimal machine configuration for all the challenges of modern woodworking. The machine functions are represented graphically and controlled via high-quality switches.

This innovative aggregate arrangement and the motorised adjustment of the contact rollers accurate to 100th of a millimetre, all set from the control panel, guarantees highest productivity.



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