Ergonomic school furniture from Dovetail

Dovetail Furniture, a pioneer in the Indian school furniture design and manufacturing segment, has announced a first-of-its-kind programme, ‘Future Learning Environment’, to build awareness among schools and educational institutions, the importance of planning for infrastructure that enables them adapt to fast changing learning trends.

The Spaghetti desk and chair features an aesthetically striking design. Each leg of both the chair and the desk are bent from a single pipe, giving the form a flowing feel.

As a part of the programme, Dovetail will provide a range of solutions and offerings, introducing educators to futuristic classrooms, labs, libraries, etc. that facilitate interactivity, new learning methodologies, multi-functionality, digital learning and classroom ergonomics, trends that millennials and the next generation have already imbibed in them.

Dovetail is launching its pilot offering under the programme, a unique range of specially designed classroom furniture. From the choice of materials like stainless steel frames for the desks (to ensure they remain rust-proof in humid weather) or rounded table tops (that prevent students from hurting themselves) to features such as storage shelves below the table, bag hooks or white board table tops that allow students to scribble quick notes, the new range of furniture not only allow for better space utilisation in classrooms but is also designed keeping in mind student’s posture and physical fitness.

Talking about the idea, Mr. S. Sundar, Managing Director of Dovetail says, “Despite the fast growth in the number of schools and colleges in India in the last few years, Indian educators have paid less attention to planning for infrastructure that facilitates new age and future learning.”

However, as digital millennials exhibit new and faster ways of learning and as it forces changes in curriculum and learning methodologies, educational institutions will be forced to design and plan an environment that enables and supports change in learning trends, he feels.

“With over two decades of expertise in designing retail environments and having brought that experience to helping a few leading schools plan and design their classrooms, laboratories, libraries and other infrastructure holistically, we felt the need to build a larger awareness in the segment and to bring to the Indian education sector unique solutions and offerings that enable them meet global standards in school or college design and planning,” he added.

Nordic Desk

As the name suggests, it is inspired by Scandinavian design themes. The Nordic table is a premium classroom desk, not only aesthetically well designed, but functional as well.

The desk features a laser-cut, sheet metal book stand at the front, which can be used by students to read easily, without having to crane their necks downwards for extended durations.

The desk also features sheet metal book storage under the table top a colourful bag hook and a groove carved out of the table top to place pens or pencils, thus eliminating the possibility of items rolling off the desk. All of this allows for better utilisation of space, and thus ensures that the Nordic Desk is more than just a desk.

Spaghetti Desk

This desk and chair features an aesthetically striking design. Each leg of both the chair and the desk are bent from a single pipe, giving the form a flowing feel. The Spaghetti desk and chair create a more organised and coherent classroom feel, which can have a positive impact on classroom productivity.

Not only is this classroom furniture set a unique looking piece, it is also functional, as it comes with a sheet metal bookstand at the front of the table, enabling students to lean their books instead of having to look down and strain their necks when reading.

The table also features a bag hook and sheet metal storage underneath the table, as well as an optional modesty panel. Overall this pairing is a sensible and stylish option for any classroom.

Shine Desk

This not only looks elegant but is also highly durable. The choice of stainless steel for the frame of the desk makes it completely rust-proof. It also features a rounded post formed MDF table top that prevents students from hurting themselves if they bump into them.

The table top is also laminated with a glossy white surface to allow students to doodle or work out problems on the desk itself and erase it easily later!

In addition the desk comes with a bag hook, storage underneath and a modesty panel. This allows for maximum utilisation of space.

Dovetail Furniture is a pioneer and market leader in retail fixtures and school furniture design and manufacturing. From conceptual design, value engineering, prototyping, manufacturing to installation, Dovetail has demonstrated its capabilities working with the best of international and national brands.



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