Biesse offers production, nesting possibilities at a ‘click’

Planning in just a few clicks, with endless possibilities? Biesse’sbSolid software helps you do just that! Importing or drawing any type of project (2D or 3D), from the easiest to the most complex, is made possible thanks to a unique design system.

With the integration of a new learning system, the software enables users to access sophisticated functionalities. The user only needs to set the dimensions and then – with a simple click – can visualise the product to be processed on a screen, together with all the operations needed to manufacture it.

The software allows users to draw and assemble several elements, thus providing an overall view of the product.

It also simulates machining operations to visualise the component prior to manufacturing. The bSolid software enables the user to verify the project through rapid and effective 3D simulation that supports:

•         Verification of accuracy of tool path;

•         Pre-empting programming errors: working depth, material approach, tool sequence, etc.;

•         Modifying and checking the project before machining;

•         Virtual prototyping of the component.

Biesse’sbSolid enables the customer to view the machine in virtual reality, complete with its components, axis kinematics, magazine management and numeric control. This enables the user to modify any part of the machining process at any time.

Operations, which previously could only be performed on the machine, can now be executed in virtual reality: tool magazine configuration, visual collision check, or spindle tool equipment.

During the simulation phase, it is possible to calculate all machining operations in real-time. Simulation provides total manufacturing control, enabling the user to verify the entire process and is fundamental in preventing tooling collisions.

Nesting operations

Biesse’sbNest is the bSuite plugin specifically for nesting operations. It allows you to organise your nesting projects in a simple way, reducing the material waste and machining times.

The bNest calculates the most efficient tool path for the nesting of sheet components. This optimises production times and minimises waste. Management of nesting projects is based on finished products; cabinets for example.

Simplified management of machining processes, parameters and the entire organisation of production process is possible, as also processing and visualisation of the results and material requirements for production.

Biesse’sbNest can be integrated with the most common CAD/CAM and Cabinet software, and is fully integrated with bSuite via bCabinet and bSolid.

The presentations of results in bSolid for simulation and time calculation help register management of components, materials and sheets, plus possible integration with company databases.



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