New Egger decorative collection unveiled

The new stock range, presented by the Egger’s partner in India, Decora Kitchen Interiors, at DelhiWood 2017, is a comprehensive range of decors with supporting products and services designed to allow work with speed, confidence and success.

All 300 decors in the collection 2017 are arranged into nine grids and are clustered into nine decor groups. An array of 22 scintillating textures, further enhances the decor line-up. The range is available in all major substrates: pre-laminated boards, ABS edge bandings and laminates, all in matching decors and textures.

PerfectSense Matt is a premium category finish with an MDF substrate that meets the demand for high quality finish. This product appears in some of the more sophisticated living and commercial spaces, as well as in high end retail and furniture design.

PerfectSense Matt is an extremely matt surface, that comes with an anti-fingerprint finish. Possible applications include wall panelling, wardrobes or furniture fronts.

FeelWood Premium Wood Grains with it synchronised pore textures, add expression and character, depth and realism to the product, all with the aim of making them indistinguishable from the original material.

They allow the mixing and matching of decors for the harmonious look; creating higher value projects and ranges with this well selected collection.

The principal of synchronised pores is to align the texture and grain of the wood to achieve a result that until now had been reserved for wood veneers only.



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