Hafeles Flex corners space

Hafele, a recognized interiors specialist, ensures that every aspect of a home can be transformed into a truly functional zone with its wide offerings in home interior solutions.

The company has recently introduced the flex corner unit that allows maximum access in any corner cabinet and makes the best use of storage space while keeping things organised and accessible.

Flex corner maximises space in corner cabinets while allowing full accessibility to the entire unit. Right- and left-handed versions are identically arranged and no separate installation template in the cabinet is required. Individual height adjustment for the baskets can be done.

This non-handed corner unit is easily installed to the bottom of the cabinet. With the Flex corner all the space in corner cabinets is turned into functional, reliable and stylish storage space.

There corner unit fittings come with integrated soft closing on both the pull outs. The weight bearing capacity for the whole unit is 32 kg as the four individual baskets can take up to 8 kg each.



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