New biometric, digital locking systems from Hafele

Hafele, a recognised interiors specialist, ensures that every aspect of a home can be transformed into a truly functional zone with its wide offerings in home interior solutions.

Subsequent to the recent introduction of Digital Door Viewers range, it has now brought out a robust and technologically superior range of digital door security solutions aimed at safeguarding homes and protecting it from break-ins and burglary.

These new electronic/ digital locking systems are configured to allow various possibilities of safeguarding residential and commercial entrance doors through modern locking technologies like numeric (digital) password security, RFID smart cards or finger-print (biometric) scanning.

The new range consists of two sleek models: biometric lock EF8000 and RFID lock EL8000. The EF8000 is equipped with all three locking technologies. It can register up to 100 fingerprints, 30 RFID compact cards/ tags/mobile stickers and comes with a number pad for entering 4-12 digit security codes.

In addition, it comes with non-duplicable high security mechanical keys and an emergency battery opening. This easy-to-use digital lock has an in-built fire alarm function, together with an anti-prank and anti-lock picking alarm.

It is compatible with video door phones and is also available with a remote control.

The EL8000 can register up to 20 RFID compact cards/ tags and comes with a number pad for entering 4-12 digit security codes. This model does not come equipped with a biometric scanner/ sensor.

In addition to having all the features present in the biometric lock (EF8000) the EL8000 also comes with an anti-hacking and a low battery alarm function.

Both the models are tested for 1,00,000 cycles and have a battery run period of over 15,000 times.




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