Mount Fuji upside-down?

The final piece of the new Mount Fuji World Heritage Centre in Japan is soon to be revealed. And the best part of it is that the stunning structure is made from locally sourced wood from PEFC-certified forests.

Built with local Japanese Cypress wood, the striking latticework structure resembles Mount Fuji, upside-down! It is also the first construction project in Japan to achieve project certification from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

“We pioneered PEFC project certification to ensure that fantastic constructions such as this are able to take advantage of PEFC certification and demonstrate their sustainable credentials,” said Mr. Ben Gunneberg, Chief Executive Officer of PEFC International.

PEFC project certification provides independent verification that the building was constructed with certified timber, without the need for all sub-contractors to be certified.

“This beautiful building is a fantastic demonstration of what can be achieved using locally-produced, PEFC/SGEC-certified wood,” said Mr. Kiyoo Nakagawa, Chief Secretary of the Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council for Japan.

“With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games around the corner, PEFC project certification and the use of PEFC/SGEC-certified timber is the perfect fit to ensure these games are the most environmentally-friendly ones to date,” Kiyoo continued.

The PEFC project certification certificate was presented at a special ceremony at the end of July. The ceremony was hosted by the Japan Gas Appliances Association, with the Mayor of Fuji City, Mr. Konagai, who is Chairman of Fuji District Forestry Promotion Association, in presence.




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