Canadian Wood charms two cities

FII-India, the market development agency for Canadian lumber in India, held educational seminars in the cities of Vishakhapatnam and Hyderabad in March, 2017. The events were in partnership with WoodNews.

The topic of ‘Wood from Sustainable Sources’, conducted by Mr. Peter Bradfield, Technical Advisor to FII-India, dwelt on various aspects of building and designing with wood, innovation in interiors, emerging trends and new-age wood technology; showcasing projects and products produced by Indian manufacturers.

The Q&A round threw up questions regarding timber milling practices adopted by Canada, glulam technology, kiln-drying and heat treatment of lumber, and technical information on each species’ physical and working properties, leading to a high quality finished product.

This opened the participants’ mind to new wood species that are perfectly suited to Indian conditions.

The seminar also provided an opportunity to discuss the usage of softwood in varied applications. The event was attended by senior industry leaders in the woodworking field.



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