Jai introduces more new machines

AInternational trade fairs like DelhiWood and IndiaWood have always been a gateway for manufacturers to reach their buyers directly and make their presence felt amongst many big players.

Participating in such business events takes the brand closer to customers, helps companies serve them better, promotes region-specific markets and expands the network and customer base.

The Jai Industries stall was the centre of attraction with more than 50 machines on display, including its WudPro (solid woodwork) and Modula (panel processing) ranges.

Jai Industries’ entire team was attending to customers’ queries and organising demonstrations. Jai Industries booked a lot of machines for immediate delivery and generated inquiries (including many from overseas) that will keep prospective customers engaged with company for a long time to come.

HQ circular saw

On the first day of DelhiWood, Jai Industries launched its new professional automatic panel saw, the J3200.in. It has a heavy duty sliding table of 3200x 435 mm and extra-heavy-duty sawing unit with a circular saw 400 mm in diameter.

The automatic machine comes fitted with motorized up/down and tilting of saw unit, as well as a motorized up/down scoring unit. The motorized rip fence is electronically programmed and can be easily and completely retracted.

It has an overhead electronic control panel for easy operation of the machine, as well as an overhead blade guard with retraction from the work table.

The approximate weight of the machine is 2,000 kg, against a normal weight of similar saws of 750 kg. There is extra support on the rip fence side for better cutting of wide panels.

Automatic edge bander

Jai Industries’ automatic edge bander, the J-5500PRc.in, is a sturdy built heavy-duty machine to suit Indian working condition for precise application of edge banding material.

A robust feed chain and conveyor system with German gearbox (with long life synthetic lubricant) employs effective pressure on panels. The pre-milling unit smooth the panel for achieving perfect joint line of the edge.

Pre-heating is required at the in feed fence, to remove moisture from panels. It can band edges to wooden strips of up to 12 mm.

It is a high performance machine with feeding speed of 14 metres/ minute, resulting in more production. The innovative pre-melting sensor-operated glue tank with glue drop system consumes 50% less glue compared to other edge banders, which results in increased profits.

No setting is required to change from thin to thick PVC edge band, and it is easy to change over from PVC to wooden edge bands.

To trim the rough edge two compact and powerful high-frequency motors do the work, A trimmer flat cutter for wooden strips as well as for PVC/ABS, trims the straight edge of panels.

Two compact and powerful high-frequency motors guarantee best finish on edge, sliding on two prismatic guide ways with recirculation ball bearings.

Edge scraping and anti-adhesion liquid gives the best finishing touch to the PVC/ABS edges , leaving no trimming marks on panels.

The SmartTouch PLC panel is easy to access, user-friendly and positioned at the machine in-feed, for easy and quick operations. All electronic and pneumatic parts are from well known international brands. To check out this and more, visit Jai Industries in Hall-12, B101.

Auto 3-head boring machine

Jai’s’ automatic triple-head multi-boring machine (J-2103.in) is equipped with one horizontal and two rotating vertical boring heads (0-90 degrees) with 21 spindles, for executing holes in a line for wardrobe side processing and a electronically programmed motorised vertical head.

It is also equipped with quick change spindles, strengthened frame to hold boring head, adequate and effective pneumatic clamps, and easy and quick settings to regulate drilling depth.

It has a smart touch, electro pneumatic PLC control panel that is elegantly designed and a long aluminium fence with four reference stops for big panel. The auxiliary support frame with fence gives better solution for long panels and the machine is equipped with a foot switch for convenient operation.

Both vertical heads are motorised so it can be set from the PLC control panel. The vertical heads can slide away on rolling guides, and rotate by 90 degrees, giving more location positioning.

The aluminium fence has four reference stops that slide on support rollers. for smooth positioning. This makes it easy to feed long work pieces.

Boring head adjustment can be easy and quick. An auxiliary support frame with fence gives better solution for long panels with flip-over brackets.



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