Thinking caps at Hafele's Designers Talk

In times when concrete development has become a norm across the globe and people are struggling to find space and general comforts of living, the need to engage in responsible dialogues as a community takes prominence.

The Designers’ Talk is one such platform that encourages interactions among industry professionals with the underlying thought that “We together can bring a positive change”.

The first edition of Designers’ Talk was organized by Hafele India Pvt. Ltd. and co-hosted by renowned architect, Mr. Karan Grover, on 31 March at the Oberoi Trident Towers in Mumbai.

This was the third and final chapter of the traveling Designers’ Talk after the very successful pilot runs in Bengaluru and Delhi last year. The overwhelming response of over 150 attending participants from the buzzing designers and architect fraternity of Mumbai confirmed the promise and need of having such forums.

Some eminent names who attended the event were architects Premnath (Premnath & Associates), Chirag Jain (U.C. Jain), Mujib,  Nuru Karim, Prasanth Sutaria, Bharath (Team One Architects), Shashi Prabhu (Shashi Prabhu & Associates), Ratan Batliboi, Shantanu (Interics Design), Kshitij Kamat, Ketan Vaidya  (IIID Chairperson of Mumbai chapter) along with other IIID architect members and architects from Hafeez Contractor, Ahmed & Associates, and Worksphere, among others.

An invigorating presentation was made by Mr. Juergen Wolf, Managing Director, Hafele South Asia, on ‘Design and Functionality’. “While aesthetics and design play an integral role in uplifting any interior space; it is really functionality that enables good aesthetics and designs,” he said. “What often goes unnoticed is that we (at Hafele) are really complete solution providers and have the competence to engage with architects and designers right from the very start of any interior project.

He also emphasised on the increasing challenges of finding development spaces in major cities across the globe and how intelligent solutions from Hafele can optimally utilise small spaces and multiply the applications that can be achieved through such solutions. “These solutions have been specially designed for small spaces and enable “micro-living”, a trend that is now gaining importance among city dwellers,” Wolf added.

Architect Karan Grover took a more serious and introspective route through his thought-provoking presentation on ‘The Power of Change’.  He said that “sustainable” development is that which inherently and consciously takes environmental harnessing into account.

“We are often so selfish and ambitious about infrastructure development that we don’t realise the impact of our actions on our surroundings,” Grover said, and cited examples of such conscious architects and designers who are now actively taking sustainability into account while developing their projects across the globe.

In today’s times, functionality in designs and sustainability in structures are elements that are easily overlooked as against aesthetics and commerce. The Designers’ Talk presents itself as the ideal platform to address such issues and instigate the right change among industry peers, he noted.



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