AKE Knebel launches tools in India

Live demonstrations were conducted on all the days of the exhibition by AKE Knebel’s German engineer to show the capability of its super-silent saw blades.

AKE Knebel is a world-renowned company with headquarters in Balingen, Germany, manufacturing high precision cutting tools for wood, plastic and metal industries. It has now entered the Indian woodworking segment with its entire range of woodworking cutting tools.

AKE has tied up with Shreepal Trade Impex, a Mumbai-based company, to distribute its products in India and SAARC countries. The company made a grand launch of its products in the recently concluded DelhiWood 2017 exhibition.

Its saw blades, routers, pre-milling cutters, drill bits, collet chucks, etc. are suitable for all makes and models of machines, including Altendorf, Biesse, Brandt, Felder, Homag, IMA, Jai, Martin, SCM and Weeke.

AKE Knebel also makes customised tools to address special need of its customers. The highlight of the launch was the introduction of four award-winning, internationally acclaimed product ranges.

Super-silent saw blades: These are very special diamond saw blades for sliding table saw machines. Its unique patented design ensures that the noise level during operation is 75% less as compared to a normal carbide saw blade.

It offers a very long life which eliminates the need for frequent regrinding. The most important aspect of this product is that it can cut any material, be it solid wood, plywood, MDF, particle boards or even acrylic boards.

The thin kerf ensures minimum wastage while delivering a sharp and precise cut. The special design helps in reducing the load on the machine as well as the operator’s efforts.

Cutting 2.0 series of saw blades: AKE has introduced saw blades for beam saws with the same precision and quality, called Cutting 2.0 series. These blades offer a very cost-effective solution for beam saws to deliver ultimate cutting performance.

The blade was used on a Homag HPP-130 machine during the exhibition for live demoonstrations. The special design ensures a very long life with 15 to 17 regrind ensuring very low operational cost to the customer.

High-precision Collet Chucks: With CNC machines comes the requirement of good quality collets to optimise its performance. It is imperative that a collet runs true even at high speeds as it is a critical interface between the machine and the tool.

The demand put on the collet chuck in terms of run-out, clamping force and stability at the required high RPM is tremendous. Moreover, it is expected that a chuck should offer flexibility and accommodate different sizes of tools.

AKE has combined all these requirements to come up with a unique, award-winning design of Collet chuck called AKE HP clamping system. It employs a new kind of clamping nut combined with a firmly fixed swivel nut.

This new design does not require a ball bearing thus eliminating the run out problems caused by damaged ball bearings. It boasts of an accuracy of 0.008 mm even at a very high spindle speed of 24,000 RPM.

Harmony series pre -milling cutters: It is now an accepted fact that the bonding strength of the edge band, the glue line and the overall appearance of the edge banded panel depends to a large extent on good pre-milling operation. But the price and life of currently available cutters are a matter of concern for the customer.

AKE has introduced a new series of pre-milling cutters called Harmony series to overcome these problems. It is a brazed type diamond cutter, but with some unique features. It has a special V groove design which allows a very smooth and easy chip flow, thus reducing the wear and tear of the cutter tips.

Its heavy design ensures that there is a constant centrifugal force applied to the panel edge to get a uniformly precise clean and flat edge for accurate edge band application. Though the Harmony series offers many advantages over conventional cutters offered in the market at present, its operation cost is considerably less.

Many internationally renowned machine manufacturers have made AKE their OEM partners. For example, Biesse has made AKE its OEM supplier for saw blades for their Selco series of machines.

Shreepal Trade Impex, under technical guidance from AKE Knebel, will soon be establishing servicing centres across India for tool regrinding using the most sophisticated CNC machines, to ensure that AKE customers get the quality service from the tool throughout its working life.



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