Japanese tech is game changer in paint application

Anest Iwata, a 95-year-old Japanese market leader in paint application technology, has entered into a joint venture with renowned multinational, Motherson Group, to introduce its wide range of products to the Indian woodworking industry.

Anest Iwata comprises of complete product range related to paint, sealer and lacquer application with piston and diaphragm pumps, air-less air-assisted guns, manual and automatic spray guns, robotic application, paint distribution system and paint booths.


Anest Iwata has mastered the technology of spray painting application with cutting edge technology like LVLP (low volume, low pressure) which exhibits very high transfer efficiency on the component and low paint/material overspray, reducing paint wastage index.

The atomisation from patented LV technology spray guns is so precise that even at extreme low air pressure of about 0.1 bar it starts atomising the paint/top coat. This results in huge saving in paint consumption by around 30%.

The W-S 400 Supernova uses a unique split nozzle technology cuts the paint flow like a knife’s edge and gives uniform spray, no mottling and excellent paint finish.

Iwata’s diaphragm pumps are a boon to the continuous production lines for paint feeding to spray guns. They ensure less downtime, easy operation and supports maximum paint and material variants.

In case of high viscous liquids like sealer, Iwata’s air-assisted air-less range is well suited for the application with minimum air and maximum dry film thickness.

According to Mr. Animesh Basu, Marketing Manager, “The wood segment is in a rapid transition from a handicraft to professional industry practice. We have an integrated and impeccable service base here that aims at production optimisation.”



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