Nordson hot-melt PUR systems in flat lamination

With the growing consciousness surrounding sustainability, the woodworking industry has seen a drastic shift in the kind of material used to build furniture on a commercial scale.

Resinated decor foils, veneers and thermo-plastic foils are some engineered materials used to replace hardwood in furniture making, of which interior fittings, flooring and kitchen panels are a few examples.

Additionally, decorative laminated panels have found themselves in trend across large sections of the interior design market due to the valuation of aesthetics and versatility.

Flat lamination is the process of bonding engineered wood boards with a decorative laminate in roll form using PUR adhesive. Manufacturing high-quality panels is reliant on three primary factors: high-quality laminates (veneers and foils), high quality wood boards, and high-quality adhesive dispensed consistently.

With the shift in material, a change in the method used to bond these surfaces has also taken place over time. While erstwhile furniture making and building involved the meeting of hammer with nail against a wooden surface, contemporary furniture building employs hot-melt PUR adhesive to bond surfaces.

Hot-melt PUR adhesive has proven to be most effective in this process due to the following properties:

•        offers the highest bond strength;

•        leads to increased lifespan of the finished product;

•        reliability of the bond prevents peeling over time.

Using PUR adhesive has ensured that end products remain resistant to high temperature and most chemical reactions. It also increases resistance to moisture in the air and, in turn, provides higher bond strength in comparison to conventional hot-melt adhesives.

PUR is known to be particularly useful for bonding dissimilar material combinations such as plastics, wood, metals and fabrics with significantly low quantities of adhesive, making bonds more aesthetic and easier to finish.

Additionally, PUR adhesives are single component and solvent-free, which ensure sustainability concerns are addressed through the elimination of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Hot-melt PUR adhesives are odourless and improve consumer acceptance as compared to solvent-based adhesives.

Nordson has a wide range of melters and dispensing equipment to handle hot-melt PUR in different forms, from 200-kg drums to 2-kg slug melters.

Nordson Versa drum melters are used for both preliminary heating as well as direct application onto substrates (depending on the nature of the product requirement), pumping PUR adhesive on to coating rollers or filling adhesive trays.

Nordson Versa PUR slug melters can handle 20-kg slugs with a melt-on-demand feature that ensures that users heat adhesive for only as long as their production system is in use, and only as much as necessary to allow pumping out only as much adhesive as is required.

Nordson is a market leader in producing precision dispensing hot-melt equipment, ranging from melters to slot coaters that enable precise and replicable melting and dispensing, ensuring minimised waste.

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