Flamingo: world class atomisation for spraying

Flamingo is an expert with lacquers, clear coats and PU paints on various surfaces.

It has become imperative now and for the future that wood, because of its inherent characteristics, will hold the key to safe and sanitary interior spaces in the post-Covid-19 world.

VR Coatings Pvt. Ltd. has taken cognisance of the same and is completely saddled up to handle the wood industry’s needs for faster and quality production. Since its inception in 1985 VR Coatings has established a reliable brand and evolved as a complete solution provider for any automation need for spraying and dispensing across industries and verticals.

VR Coatings has invested tremendously in R&D and production to bring the finest spraying machinery for the wood industry. Its air-assisted airless spray gun, Flamingo, is proof of world class atomisation and quality finish due to its specially designed air cap.

Salient features

•        Two-finger trigger operation for minimal arm fatigue

•        Flat and round jet optimal adjustment possibilities

•        Wide range of nozzle tips available

•        Convenient external adjustable needle sealing

•        Safety trigger lock fitted

•        Adjustable paint spraying pressure: 80-200 bar

•        Stainless steel wetted parts with PTFE seals

Flamingo is the best bet for lacquers, clear coats, PU paints, etc. on various surfaces. Flamingo comes with a low- and medium-duty airless spray painting pump, the ‘Mini Tiger’.

VR Coatings is an expert in coating line installations (paint booths, conveyors and drying systems); automated and semi-automated systems for coating and material handling; application equipment for waxing and coating; training on equipment and processes; and several solutions on problems related to surface finishing and coating.



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