ICA wins with BIO coatings

Falegnameria Ezio Sordelli, based in Torre del Greco, in Italy’s Naples county, is an expert in furniture for homes, offices and shops, kitchens, bookcases, cabinets, wall panelling, stairs, interior doors, window frames and wood items.

Each of its creation is remarkably unique, based on a combination of hand-crafted manufacture and custom design, giving the customer the chance to have direct input and be a co-creator of the product.

The workshop at Falegnameria Ezio Sordelli makes many beautiful things, but there is one creation that is widely known – its amazing LIA wood handle, the first patent-pending wood handle in Italy.

The inspiration came from an experience with a customer, who wanted a wall-mounted handle in hand-crafted precious wood. A metal handle was out of the question, as it would have been way too jarring. The customer wanted something that would seamlessly blend in.

So from that seed grew the idea of LIA, a hand-crafted handle in wood with a small metal core that makes it even more resilient. It is a totally original product with a truly refined, customisable design to suit the customer’s needs.

Its creator, Ezio Sordelli, says: “The main innovation of our handles is that the wood is not just an insert, it’s the actual main material. That’s why its protection is paramount.”

That is why he has opted for a coating cycle made up entirely of BIO water-based products from ICA. As well as the top-level optimal performance and excellent technical characteristics ICA offers, the water-based coatings are also kind to the environment and the end user’s health.



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