Bio-based self-matting for flooring

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in nutrition, health and sustainable living, has launched a new, bio-based self-matting resin, Decovery SP-2022 XP, that will take ultra-matt flooring finishes to new levels in terms of aesthetic and functional performance, ease of application and sustainability.

The new resin underlines DSM’s ambition of using science and innovation to develop sustainable solutions that outperform conventional market alternatives.

Used to create low-gloss finishes on wooden and seamless flooring, Decovery SP-2022 XP resin offers excellent levels of functional performance at a much reduced environmental impact.

Specifically, the resin has 30% bio-based content, can be formulated with low levels of VOCs (less than 250g/l based on 40 CFR 59.406), and is low in odour, while also delivering outstanding chemical resistance and mechanical properties, including scratch resistance.

In this way, Decovery SP-2022 XP enables a premium, ultra-matt appearance while safeguarding the environment.

In addition, the new resin addresses the strong market demand for ultra-matt coating products that are easier to apply and formulate. In particular, the Decovery SP-2022 XP resin requires no matting agents, no difficult formulations, and offers excellent in-can stability.

As such, the new resin will enable significantly easier processing than many of the commercially available alternatives, with up to one-hour time savings in operations.

What’s more, floor coatings made with Decovery SP-2022 XP leave no roller marks or lapping, and – unlike traditional matt coating systems – show no polishing effect.

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