Ultimtec has no solvents, chemical reagents

BerryAlloc, a leading French parquet manufacturer, has always prioritised sustainable development by using naturally sourced materials and renewable resources.

The recent launch of a completely new oak parquet collection was the result of an entirely rethought, thoroughly researched effort, including colours and finishes co-created by a team of architects, colourists and designers.

Thanks to its exclusive Ultimtec technology, BerryAlloc’s new collection succeeds in bringing together the delicate natural beauty of oiled parquet with the ease of maintenance of varnished parquet that is easy to clean, robust and long-lasting.

Ultimtec varnish respects wood and contains no solvents or chemical reagents. It is obtained by impregnating the wood with a primer with a basis rich in aluminium oxide, then applying a UV acrylic finish.

Besides the elegant decorative result that preserves the depth and nuance of every tint in the wood, Ultimtec offers an exceptional matt finish that meets the high requirements of homeowners and decorators. The matt surface obtained with the innovative Ultimtec finish comes very close to that of natural wood.

It has exceptional resistance to wear and tear and scratching. In terms of abrasion resistance, Ultimtec’s performance is higher than 15,000 Taber CS10 cycles.

The parquet body is in high-density fibreboard of 875kg per cubic metre, is shock-resistant, and offers less echo and increased efficiency when used with under-floor heating.

BerryAlloc’s parquets have a positive carbon footprint. It has PEFC, Parquets de France and A+ certifications. (www.berryalloc.com).



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