New contender: HempWood!

An East Tennessee hardwood flooring firm in the United States has become the first company in the world to begin making flooring from hemp. Unlike hardwood trees, that take 30 years to grow, hemp only takes 5 months.

Tennessee Wood Flooring (TWF) has formed a partnership with Kentucky-based Fibonacci LLC, the creator of HempWood. The 15,600-square-foot factory officially opened for business in Kentucky in August.

Made from compressed hemp stalks and sealed with a soy-based adhesive, HempWood offers significant advantages over traditional lumber, including a higher availability, a much quicker growth time and a 20% higher density.

It can be used in furniture, flooring and other woodworking projects.

TFW, a custom pre-finished flooring specialist, presses the material into flooring. HempWood is available in blocks, pre-sawn boards, flooring, and finished products such as cutting boards and skateboards.

Essentially the hemp is grown and harvested, turned into bushels and then soaked in protein-based glue; then placed in a large press and heated to the proper temperature. The customer is left with a lumber board that may be used for any interior purpose.



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