Pergo’s wood parquet goes rustic

Pergo’s new Sensation range includes the Village Oak Plank.

There is more to wood parquet flooring than natural charm. A floor also needs to be durable. It needs to withstand the continuous activities or footfalls undertaken by kids, children, pets and at social gatherings too.

Everyone wants their floor to look beautiful as long as possible. Pergo wood parquet flooring is designed to do exactly that. Pergo wood parquet floors come in a rich array of beautiful collections, feature various plank designs, grading, structures and finishes.

When you go looking for an engineered wood floor you’re faced with a lot of choices because engineered wood is not only a material that offers a wide variety of natural looks, the variety is increased even more by different surface treatments and finishes.

Engineered wood floors are fire- and slip-resistant, which are also easy to maintain: effortless surface cleaning is all you need for long-lasting beauty!

Pergo engineered wood floors consist of three layers of wood with the grain running in different directions to reduce the natural swelling and shrinking caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

An advanced core of spruce, pine or HDF absorbs stress and strain to ensure that the floor remains stable in all conditions.

There is no easier way than Pergo’s extremely easy installation, thanks to its revolutionary PefectFold ‘click’ systems and pre-applied finish.

The company’s high-quality Pergo Sensation flooring takes laminate flooring to a whole new level with the beautiful, authentic Village Oak Plank, which is a perfect alternative for modular kitchens, modern bathrooms (non-bathing areas) or hallways.

With AquaSafe technology, this laminate floor is virtually indistinguishable from real wood and offers exceptional water resistance. Subtly pronounced cracks and knots – thanks to Genuine wood (a surface texture that follows the wood grain in every detail) – are complemented by an extra matt finish.

The feeling of wooden planks is further enhanced by bevels along all four edges. Sensation floors are ultra-hygienic as dirt and water stays on the surface and is wiped away easily.

Pergo is an international laminate flooring brand with prominent positions in North American and European markets, as well as in India with a growing market. Its products are produced by Unilin BV, based in Belgium.

Pergo’s inventions are protected throughout the world by nearly 500 granted and pending patents. Pergo was the first flooring company ever to receive the official Nordic eco-label, the Green Swan.

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