3,00,000 shades to choose from HKS 1835

Solid wood (L) and engineered (R) flooring both offer a wide range of colours and finishes.

By Nipun Purohit

Wooden floors are the ‘in’ thing today: the rich colours, the warmth under- foot, the natural sheen and the endless choice makes wooden flooring a favoured option against traditional surfaces like tiles, marble, stone, etc.

The natural beauty and class of wood is unmatched by any other style of flooring. Though wooden floors have been around in the West for centuries, they have only lately come into vogue in India. In a short span of time, they have overtaken all other flooring options in terms of style and popularity.

They’re not only easier to lay but also come in styles and finishes that lend themselves to every kind of decor. They can be used in every part of the home: living area, dining hall, bedrooms, kitchen, entertainment zone for kids, prayer room, etc.

There are primarily two basic types of natural wood: engineered and solid. Engineered wood, as the name suggests, has a base is made of birch plywood and a top layer of natural solid wood. Solid wood is natural wood.

Technically superior

Solid wood constitutes a single piece of lumber material and can either be unfinished, lacquered or oiled, made out of red oak, white oak or maple.

Wooden floors have no fibres, grout lines, or embossing that can trap dust, pollen, particles, animal dander, and allergens that occur with carpets.

Apart from improving the aesthetic appeal of a space and acting as a good insulation material, it increases the value of the house (for resale or rental purposes).

Advancements in designing, as well as printing technology, give a realistic look to the floors. Additionally, the wear layer of the laminated floor covering protects it from smudges and stains and also resists fading from UV light exposure.

The family-owned company, Heinr. Krüger + Sohn GmbH (HKS) is a supplier of high-quality parquet floors and decking to more than 30 countries since its founding 185 years ago in Münster (Westphalia, Germany).

Its core competence is wooden flooring for indoor and outdoor applications using FSC-certified wood since 2008. It offers flooring in Bangkirai and Garapa wood species, and also exceptionally high-quality exclusive species like Ipe and Cumaru.

Product range

HKS 1835 offers over 3,00,000 shades of wood to choose from, and their products come under the A+ category as they are produced in a certain environment which does not contribute to CO2 emissions.

The product and services of HKS 1835 include solid and plank wood flooring in Oak and American Walnut, engineered and laminate flooring, wooden gazebos and pergolas, flooring installation service, BPC decking, wall wood cladding and many more new products.

Among them is the ‘Manufaktur Deluxe’ range made from select European resources. A wide variety of designs arise through the use of advanced technology in combination with passionate handcraft. The Barrique top layer features manual carved texture and knots.

‘A-Terra’ stands for ‘living on pure nature’ and is curetted with close collaboration with interior architects and designers. This is a special series of ageless wooden flooring to suit the full colour-spectrum of modern interior architecture.

The ‘Kruggers’ collection, produced with the “in-between” technology, helped us succeed in creating the perfect engineered flooring. The plank wood flooring with Oak top layer is based on first-class Birch plywood through and through. This product exists in several width and thickness and is virtually free from bending, and with reduced risk of joint education.

‘HKS Garden’ is made from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The composite of 60% bamboo flour and recycled polymer makes the bamboo decking the perfect all-rounder for the outdoor garden decking.

Bamboo decking is kept in shape and is UV-resistant, durable and easy to clean, which is perfect for anywhere in the garden or around a pool.

‘HKS Twin Face’ is parquet with special construction, combining the advantages of a solid floorboard and the technical advantages of multi-layer parquet. It is, therefore, suitable for installation on hot water under floor heating.

– The writer is Business Head (India) for HKS Flooring LLP, established in Mumbai in 2011. For more information email him at nipunpurohit@hks1835.com.



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